Project Description

Project: Sydney Trains Metro Network
Client: Sydney Trains
Date: 2005-Present

Locaters Pty Ltd are a panel approved supplier for both Locating and Surveying services to Sydney Trains’ Underground Asset Management Group.
The Sydney Trains initiative, Detailed Site Survey ‘DSS’, provides Sydney Trains a highly detailed map of the complex internal sub-surface utility network within the rail corridor.

Our role is to collect and distribute this Sub-surface Utility Information to their stringent technical standards as well as within a prescribed time frame. Data is retained in pdf, CAD and GIS format by our client and is subject to intense compliance auditing before it is accepted.

Issues related to this type of work are varied as each location is unique. The following items however are common across all work locations:

  • Extremely complex network of assets including Signalling, Electrical & Communications services
  • The need for continuing a fully operational rail network even during maintenance periods
  • Compliance to Health, Safety and Environmental restrictions
  • Consideration to Sydney Trains customers, staff and the surrounding community

Locaters are happy to help with understanding how DSS works and when it is needed, feel free to Contact Us.