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UPC & AS5488

In 2010 Locaters developed and delivered a unique Utility Positioning Classification (UPC) system to communicate our certainty in the position of a utility.

Detailed in field markings, on utility plans and within survey meta data as attributes, this simple language ensures designers, engineers and field personnel are aware of how successful the utility investigation was so they can make better planning decisions.

In 2013 the Australian Standard AS5488, Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI), was published and our UPC system was aligned to it.

  • A, B, C, D – UPC ‘Quality levels’
  • One language for all from CAD, Senior managers, field teams
  • Customise to meet you projects requirements
  • Retro fit 3rd party data to set the standard for the future

Utility Modelling

Through continuous refinement and automation we are able to deliver an intelligent and usable data set. providing a higher value 3D model.

Innovative customisation in our workflow means everything is made easy for our clients with no additional costs.

Our expertise in plan reading and knowledge of the locating and data capture process means we are more in-tune to build an accurate utilities model which for you translates into:

  • Accurate depiction of the underground network
  • Eliminate duplication in the data set
  • Minimise false clashes
  • Reduction in field costs trying to find something that was never there
  • Rationalise each utility for better planning

DBYD Certified Locators

Our team are DBYD Certified providing you the confidence you need in achieving the best results from the field.

Certified Locators are assessed by industry experts in the correct use of equipment and locating techniques as well as a comprehensive theory knowledge test.

Further to this, some network operators require permission to access their assets and this certification provides us with that authorisation.

Why should you use a Certified locator?

  • Remove insurance risk with authorised access to network assets
  • Demonstrated skills and knowledge to achieve the best result
  • Best outcomes and value for your utility investigations

Utility Avoidance

Locating for ‘clearing’ purposes prior to a surface penetration like auguring for geotechnical and environmental ground testing is non negotiable for most companies these days.

Locaters’ multidisciplinary team can provide locating and surveying services in a single site visit offering an advantage over locate-only or survey-only companies.

Contact us to discuss how we can plan with you and reduce your project costs..