Project Description

Project: Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 – Utility Survey Manager
Client: Parramatta Connect
Date: 2019-Present

Working in the role of Utility Survey Manager, Locaters are engaged in a full time contract to oversee and manage the utilities model as well as systems pertinent to the delivery of utility treatment contracts and construction sequencing of the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1.

Providing across all three sections in this role, our responsibilities include utilities model rationalisation and data management, awareness training, supplier on-boarding, SME reporting and compliance auditing.
Reporting to both the survey and utilities teams, our Utility Survey Managers enable confidence in the engineering and design decision making process resulting in more efficient cost effective operations of the project.

Project issues:

  • 12kilometres of 2 way track from Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta CBD
  • Local road adjustments and arterial road works
  • Commercial property development and existing local business within Parramatta CBD and Restaurant ‘Eat Street’ precincts
  • State security interests including NSW Police Headquarters and Parramatta Courts precincts
  • Public and private health interests including Westmead & Cumberland Hospitals
  • Known heritage & archaeological sensitivities
  • Project delivery timelines and construction sequencing
  • High-risk utility networks including high pressure gas, optic fibre, transmission electricity, Oil pipeline, Sydney Water Trunk main sewer
  • Congestion of underground networks within key construction areas
  • Community sensitivity around high density residential areas
  • Rapidly changing utility model with asbuilt and updated existing utility data
  • Unidentified utilities management including drill and tap database management
  • COVID 19

How we we helped:

  • Gained thorough understanding of client requirements
  • Develop and implement custom internal process’s to meet client’s needs
  • Develop and implement Unidentified reporting and database update process
  • Develop and implement custom process’s to manage 3rd party data
  • Implement Parramatta Connects own process’s and systems
  • Provide feedback and further development around systems and safety
  • Maintain line reporting to Parramatta Connects Utilities and Survey managers
  • Incident investigation support
  • Ensured secondary capacity to cover sick and annual leave requirements of primary personnel
  • Facilitate and expedite design changes
  • Assist in utility identification and stakeholder engagement
  • Delivery of data back to the project in Real time
  • Communication to project management team on issues and progress