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Utility Surveys

Locaters Pty Ltd are experts in subsurface utility mapping surveys.

When you engage Locaters you engage a capable survey team that can deliver a number of different outputs. We can customise to suit your requirements by incorporating our process and quality systems into any project.

The type of outputs you can expect are:

  • Locating and field mark-up
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Corresponding site survey by Total Station or GPS
  • 3D CAD models in 12d and/or .dwg format
  • PDF plans
  • Survey reports
  • Photo reports
  • As-built utility drawings

Engineering Surveys

Our survey qualified team also performs engineering surveys for civil projects including topographical (detail), construction set-out and Work-as-Executed surveys employing the very latest software and hardware coupled with a broad range of experience,

Specialist Consultancy

Providing customised solutions on how you can plan for and protect utility networks, our specialist consultancy services can benefit your projects, your clients and the surrounding communities.

After more than 10 years of working on large and small infrastructure projects, we have evolved a team of experienced personnel who truly understand the considerations of working around utilities. Industry responsibility has increased and there is greater demand to ‘step up’ controls. Slowly the culture in the workplace is changing to meet these demands however the limitations of equipment, misunderstandings in reporting, and unrealistic expectations are not acknowledged.

Locaters Pty Ltd can offer a specialist consultant to assist organisations and their clients to set and manage realistic expectations.